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First information about the BMW i7 electricity version

It seems that Bavarian BMW is already implementing its previous decision to increase the production of all-new electric cars joining its fleet of commercial production vehicles to be sold on international markets. Today we will talk specifically about the BMW i7.

According to unofficial press releases published by BMWBlog, the BMW i7 will be unveiled in 2022, which will represent the category of a luxury sedan close to the BMW 7 Series.

This information makes us think that the upcoming BMW i7 2022 represents a version of the BMW 7 Series electric car.

The new BMW i7 will be powered by electric motors generating up to 650 hp, and the engines will get power from lithium-ion batteries capable of making the car, the unofficial press reports said. The distance of more than 600 km is carried by one electric charge.
As you know, our loved ones follow the GT fleet. The BMW i car fleet currently includes 3 cars; the BMW i8 Coupe, the BMW i8 Spyder and the BMW i3.

First information about the BMW i7 electricity version

If true, this informational information will be released before the launch of the i7 car to reveal the production version of the cars; the BMW i4, the BMW iNext, and the BMW ix3.

We have to tell you, our dear ones, that BMW is seeking, by 2025, to provide 12 fully electric cars in its fleet of vehicles sold in the market.


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