Five major fitness trends in 2019

Meditation, HIIT and other trends of 2019 in the fitness industry.

The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) has prepared an annual review of major fitness trends for 2019, conducting a large-scale survey of fitness and health professionals from around the world.

We offer you to learn the five main trends of this year.

Mobile applications for training
Forget those days when you had to postpone training because you were too lazy to go to the gym. This year is declared the year of high-tech workouts.

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Applications for smartphones and other mobile devices are available for all platforms.

Some applications, such as Nike Training Club, Cyclemeter, MyFitnessPal or Sweat, are able to reproduce audible and visual alerts about the beginning and end of training, provide instructions on how to do the exercises, and can also create your own diet for a week with recipes and your own diet.

By subscribing to Obe Fitness or Classpass Live, you can watch live celebrity training on the phone every day.

And for the most advanced there is a special mirror, which is an interactive screen that broadcasts online workouts with a trainer right in your home.
Yoga and meditationYoga classes for several years included in the top fitness trends. There are numerous books and video tutorials, a growing number of certification courses in various areas of yoga. But meditation began to gain popularity in 2018. In the new year, it will become the main trend, fitness trainers say. Many still don’t know how to start meditating, but today it’s enough to download applications like Headspace, Simple Habit or Lucid and start meditating directly in the subway car.


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