How to install Windows 10

If you are wondering what steps you need to take to install Windows 10, read on. There are numerous processes you can follow to install the Windows 10 operating system, and none of these are particularly complex. People install Windows 10 for many reasons – they may decide to upgrade from a previous version of the operating system, may need to install it from scratch or could find themselves reinstalling it due to computer problems.

Get Windows 10 on your computer

You can get access to Windows 10 by taking advantage of the free upgrade from 7 or 8 offered by Microsoft. You can also buy a product key from Microsoft or from a third-party vendor. If you decide to do the latter, make sure you are buying from a reputable source that only sells authentic keys. Once you have installed the OS, you will have access to it forever. Microsoft has announced that they will simply update Windows 10 in future rather than releasing any new versions of the software. Microsoft servers will store a licence associated with your computer.

Adding Windows 10 to a new PC

Another way to get hold of Windows 10 is to buy a new PC that already has it installed. If you need to reinstall it in future, you won’t need to enter the key again. Nonetheless, it’s always wise to keep hold of the key in any case. Many people buy Windows 10 keys after they have built their own PCs and require an operating system to actually use them. If you already have 7 or 8.1. installed, you can use the upgrade tool to replace it with Windows 10. If you don’t like the new software, you can revert back to the previous edition if you wish. You can upgrade back to Windows 10 in the future by using the Download Windows 10 tool.

Physical copies of Windows 10

If you’ve bought a physical copy of Windows 10, you can find your product key in the box. Simply copy the code and insert it where required. People who have bought PCs with pre-installed Windows 10 can find the code on the Certificate of Authenticity on the PC or in the box you received with the packaging. If you are unable to find the code via either of these routes, you can get in touch with the shop or the PC manufacturer. Maybe you purchased Windows 10 from directly from Microsoft? If so, you can find it in the email you received when you paid for the software. You will need to activate your digital copy with a link in this email. Microsoft can help you if you do experience issues with installing your digital copy.

About Windows 10

Windows 10 comes in a range of editions, the most comprehensive of which is Windows 10 Pro. The other most popular version of Windows 10 is home, though other editions including Enterprise and Education are available. Once you gain access to Windows 10, you may never need to purchase operating system software ever again.



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