Jennifer Lopez showed the effects of a sugar-free diet.

The singer flashed in front of the paparazzi dressed in a tiny sports bra and multi-colored leggings when she went to SOMI Fitness. The singer has already shown good effects of a sugar-free diet, and any other carbohydrates. It should last 10 days. Fans noticed that such a hard diet negatively influenced the mood of the star and, to put it mildly, it was not in a light mood. The singer herself admitted to fans that she was “really hungry.”

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Jennifer Lopez is supported by her cavalier, Alex Rodriguez, and also introduced a healthy diet into her diet. On her Instagram page, Jennifer stated that she was taking the challenge and would hold out for 10 days without any carbohydrates. But later in the story, the singer said that such a challenge is given to her more difficult than expected. “And so, 24 hours a day, without sugar and carbohydrates, having learned a lot about what sugar does with your body and you just need to stay away from it,” the star writes.


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