Khusnullin broke away from reality. Lebedev wants stops to reach home

He considers deadly to walk 800 meters from the house to the bus stop.

Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation. Igor Lebedev, is from the LDPR party, believes that the Moscow mayor’s office turned in the wrong direction. regarding the territorial location of the bus shelters of public transport.

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Earlier, the vice-mayor of the capital, Marat Khusnullin, noted that, when developing hiking routes to the TA, the experience of large cities of the world would be taken into account, where the direction of urban health became widespread, based on which stops are located from work and housing areas, for example, not 500, but 700 -800 meters to stimulate more mobility in humans.

“Vice-Mayor of Moscow, Marat Khusnullin, who is responsible for the construction, seems to be completely detached from reality. – the oppositionist takes out the verdict. “For some reason, the Moscow authorities have chosen the most anti-people among the variety of means of improving the health of Muscovites – opening new hospitals and clinics, reducing the cost of sports, banning the sale of alcohol in stores located in residential buildings, and so on.” in LiveJournal.

“In today’s cold weather, walking 800 meters from the bus stop to the house is not just not good for health. This is a direct path to a cold! And in the summer, hurricanes and hailstorms occur more and more often. The path from the bus stop to the house can be deadly! ”The politician believes.

Lebedev also believes, that the bike paths also did not justify themselves, and “are available from strength 4 months a year.”



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