The client was confident that 24 Hour Fitness is working around the clock. Then the fitness center closed – although it was inside.

When you see the words “24 hours” in the name of a public institution, what do you think? That’s right, that this place works around the clock. But sometimes the name should not be believed – and this truth was understood last week by Jonathan Santos, a resident of the city of Spring (Texas).

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Going to a fitness center on Friday evening under the saying name 24 Hour Fitness, Santos could not even imagine that something would go wrong. After finishing the training, he went to the locker room, and changing his clothes, he noticed how the center employee made a detour. As it turned out, this was the last detour before closing. Santos says that the employee saw him in the locker room, but when the man packed up his things and headed for the exit, he found the door locked.

Santos was locked up in the locker room for almost half an hour. He managed to get in touch with another department of the fitness center, and after about 25 minutes the employee returned. According to Santos, he didn’t even think to apologize, and from the door, he declared: “ Hey, I said that we are going to close ”.

Jonathan does not understand why being called “Fitness 24 hours a day” if you are not going to match this name. Much more honest will sound “Fitness 12 hours a day” or “Fitness 18 hours a day.” “Perhaps they [the owners of the fitness center] should think about it,” says Santos.

Many people supported the social networks, wondering why the 24-hour sports establishment was closed if it had to work around the clock, and there was no national holiday that day – and why call the gym “24 hours” if it doesn’t fit his work schedule.


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