Training outside the city. Petersburg’s fitness networks are expanding their presence in the regions

The high level of competition among the sports clubs of St. Petersburg forces large networks to enter regions where this type of service is not yet widely represented.

Fitness muscles. The network Mytimefitness will open three clubs in St. Petersburg in 2019
Fitness muscles. The network Mytimefitness will open three clubs in St. Petersburg in 2019
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St. Petersburg network Fitness Family began to develop a network of fitness clubs in the regions in December 2018. The first object the company opened in Perm. In late March, the network plans to launch a club in Yekaterinburg, said Denis Gornev, director of network development for fitness clubs Fitness Family.

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“Competition in the regions is lower than in St. Petersburg. In addition, regional players are poorly working on additional services, most of them have superficial concepts. According to our estimates, many regional markets for fitness services are five years behind St. Petersburg. At the same time, the capacity of the regional market is This stage is big, “- said Denis Gornev.

According to the expert, many large players are actively interested in the development in other cities. “For example, Fitness Nouse is conducting a regional expansion . At this stage, the network of Alexei Fursov is probably the most purposeful. If it continues to move in the same way, then it will be a success,” added Denis Gornev.

Fitness House was the first to go beyond St. Petersburg, in 2017 it opened new divisions in Nizhny Novgorod, Kazan and Tolyatti. According to Colliers International for 2018, the network consisted of more than 50 clubs, over the past 7 years it has doubled from 24 complexes in 2011 to 51 in 2018. Now outside St. Petersburg, there are 10 clubs in the network, they are located in Nizhny Novgorod, Kazan, Tolyatti, Samara, Ulyanovsk, Arkhangelsk, Izhevsk, Yaroslavl. Another six sites the network intends to open in 2019, new points will appear in Yaroslavl, Samara, Arkhangelsk, and Izhevsk. Petersburg fitness network S & I fitness will soon open two clubs in Samara and Stavropol. In total, the company plans to open at least 15 clubs by the end of 2019.

All the place is not enough
“The market of St. Petersburg is really very dense. The level of penetration, as well as the percentage of people involved in fitness, is almost the same as in Moscow – about 9-10%. Accordingly, the fact that St. Petersburg networks are seeking to expand their borders is the right strategy, However, there is another side to this medal, “said Olga Kiseleva, President of the Fitness Industry Operators Association, World Gym Network Manager in Russia. According to her, the specificity of the St. Petersburg market fitness-services has developed in the framework of price dumping.

Fitness high status. Network Alex Fitness has become a strategic investor in St. Petersburg
Fitness high status. Network Alex Fitness has become a strategic investor in St. Petersburg
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“This is very frightening for regional networks. Petersburg clubs impose their model in which they work, their essence is low prices and frequent use of big discounts,” said Olga Kiseleva. Thus, the arrival of new operators in the region can seriously change the balance of power in local markets.

Regional risks
In addition, according to Olga Kiseleva, not all regions are ready for the arrival of new operators. “There are subjects with a dense competitive environment, there will have to fight for a place in the market,” – said the expert.

Another problem is the choice of the correct model of management of regional divisions. Dmitry Spoden, general director of the St. Petersburg network of S & I fitness, believes that in the regions it is necessary either to develop a partner network or work on a franchise.

“The management group is difficult and inefficient to keep at a distance,” he notes. “For example, we have a partner who oversees clubs in the Far East. The efficiency of its facilities is high because he, as they say, is responsible for his work with ruble.

According to Dmitry Spoden, earlier high expenses for managing remote clubs were compensated by high margins. “Now, when we started to approach European standards in terms of quality, management efficiency needs to be built differently,” the network’s CEO believes.

Two ways
Market participants are unanimous in their opinion that the market for fitness services in St. Petersburg is oversaturated. Experts say that in this situation there are only two ways of development: the opening of niche studios or clubs at home. “We cannot leave Europe, St. Petersburg is still a European city. In Europe, there is a tendency to divide according to niche formats – for example, cycling studios, a powered studio, etc. Petersburg will definitely go in that direction,” says Dmitry Spoden. According to him, this year S & I fitness plans to open two niche clubs in St. Petersburg.

According to FINAM, today there are more than 450 fitness clubs and sports and fitness centers in the Northern capital, of which more than a third have swimming pools. The main players in this market include such networks as Fitness House, Sports Life, Alex Fitness, Sculptors Group, World Class, Extra Sport, Fitness Family, etc.

At the beginning of 2019 fitness clubs are represented in 60% of the city’s shopping centers. The average club area with a pool is 3.4 thousand m2, without a pool – 1.6 thousand m2.


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