Urban Health: Moscow authorities completely brutalized

Honestly, with horror, I think about what they will think of. Bad ideas seemed to run out. But no. Demotivating the use of vehicles are not limited. Now the authorities want Muscovites to walk more. To do this, they are going to follow the pattern of some western cities to move away from all the stops. And make the distance between them more.

To metropolitan residents on foot. There was no name for this bestiality even in Russian, but in English, there is – Urban Health.

Marat Khusnullin, deputy mayor, told about this know-how, a great inventor.

Unfortunately for the long-suffering Muscovites, the authorities turned their attention to the Urban health approach, in which public transport stops moving away from work or housing, in order to stimulate citizens’ physical activity.

At the same time, for the convenience of residents, new hiking and bicycle paths should be created. They will cross public roads – to prevent motorists from using personal vehicles.


According to Khusnullin, Urban health is actively used in the western major cities of the world. It is unlikely, of course, with a radial structure with traffic jams of 10 points, when everything is in their cars, but the Moscow authorities are of little interest.

“A sensible, interesting idea, and we are now looking at where it can be applied to us. Exactly, it suits us for the new territories of Moscow, ”he said.

Unfortunately, they are unlikely to be limited to New Moscow. If you come to a stop, it’s combined with another one, three kilometers away, so that you move more.

Here are dreamers, here are inventors. Send them to experiment in Khanty-Mansiysk or even further away from Moscow.


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