“We continue to shape the culture of coffee consumption in Novosibirsk, and soon we will shape it in other cities as well”

Novosibirsk PRIMETIME COFFEE network can be considered one of the fastest growing players in its market: the first coffee shop under this brand was launched in the summer of 2017, and now there are already more than 16. Moreover, in Novosibirsk alone, it is planned to launch another 10-15 new points. The founder of the network, ANTON GORESTOV, told Continent Siberia about how PRIMETIME COFFEE differs qualitatively from other networks, how it intends to conquer Moscow and St. Petersburg, and what tools it plans to use to finance its expansion.

– Anton Sergeevich, PRIMETIME COFFEE is far from your only business. Why in 2017 did you decide to take up exactly this direction? What perspectives did they see in it?

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– Before our appearance on the coffee market of Novosibirsk, there was not a single major network player who would focus on proper nutrition and would also offer ready-made high-quality boxed solutions. We saw this as an opportunity from the point of view of development. It was important to provide the guest with a sufficiently large assortment of dishes that he could either eat in the establishment itself or take it with him to the office or home. That is why we have relied on a rather large assortment of food, including the right desserts. We also managed to form a long list of coffee drinks using coconut, almond, and soy milk. And analyzing our revenue, we see that such positions find a significant response from the guests. Residents of Russia are less likely to drink and smoke: they are more likely to watch themselves and their diet.


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