Out with the old and in with the new eh? Well, not necessarily. The Windows 10 Professional may be the new “kid” on the block but it certainly doesn’t take anything from the users of Window 10 Home. It simply has more sophisticated features to make your Windows experience all the more enjoyable. A Windows 10 Pro Key costs $26.99; most would say it is worth the price. For others, they would rather stick with the guy from Home than the one from Proville, reason being cost of upgrade or it just not having enough oomph to be worth the price tag. Well, let us delve into the differences between the Windows 10 Home and the Windows 10 Pro; that way you can be the judge and go yay or nay!

Microsoft has given the main reasons to upgrade to the Windows 10 Pro as:

  • Security
  • Fundamentals
  • Management and Deployment
  • Windows Update

All four categories are relevant for traditional business owners and as well as for power users. The major differences between the Windows 10 Home and the Windows 10 Professional are mostly under the OS “hood”, we can say there is barely any difference if you compare the desktop experience on both versions.

When it comes to Remote Desktop Connections, the Windows 10 Professional takes the prize. Although both versions can initiate remote desktop connections, only the Pro version can be remotely assisted / controlled. This is welcome information for those who run small businesses as it means a remote technician can provide technical support regardless of location.

The Windows 10 Professional has the encryption software known as BitLocker for security. BitLocker has been around since Windows Vista was an upgrade (how time flies eh?).The BitLocker is a great tool if you travel often or even if you like to take your computer with you on an afternoon burger mission. It encrypts files added to an already encrypted drive and gives you the option of suspending or removing the encryption. BitLocker needs a password to work as designed. In the absence of the password, the recovery key can be used to access your data. If you lose both password and key, it means all access to that protected data is lost and can never be retrieved!

Windows 10 Professional has the Client Hyper-V feature, enabling a secure operating environment within the computer allowing different operating systems to be in use on the same computer. Not a lot of people care about this but it can come in handy depending on personal needs.

The Windows 10 Professional supports up to 2 Terabyte of data, has a Windows store for Business, Assigned Access, Group Policy Management, Trusted Boot and Windows update for business. A domain can also be easily created and joined for work network with the Windows 10 Professional. Unfortunately, these are features the Windows 10 Home does not possess.

Now you know the difference, which would you rather have?

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